One of the most important aspects of Wisdom is learning how to avoid making the kinds of choices that create even bigger problems that then require much more energy, time, and effort to fix.

Applying that same perspective to our own health would seem to be a really wise thing to do. The benefits of learning how to avoid injuring our health are obvious. For almost a year I have been studying what the most current science has to say about nutrition and health.

The current science required a huge leap to a new perspective and understanding. Much of it   contradicts what we have all been taught, hear on television, is supported by government, regulated in schools, and profited from by the food industry, big chemical corporations, and drug companies.

We are finally making great strides in the science of human nutrition. It is amazing how much state of the art nutritional information is freely available online. It is also appalling that so little of it is being used, especially by the medical profession.

70-80% of chronic ill health conditions are the results of our conditioned eating habits. Current scientific evidence, and there is a bunch of it, concludes there is a common core group of causes for obesity, high blood pressure, heart disease, Diabetes Type 2.

That same common core group of causes is most likely responsible for many types of cancer, Alzheimer’s, premature aging, erectile dysfunction, and the progression of HIV to AIDS.

And that same common core group of causes is probably responsible for arthritis, autism, depression, and many other conditions.

The words “concludes, mostly likely, and probably” are used to indicate the amount of evidence anyone can easily find and read for themselves right now on the internet using a search engine.

We are updating FatMouseDiet.com, so we can share what we have learned. The reason for the name is a lot of what we have learned a lot about human nutrition we learned by studying the effects that foods and ingredients have on mice. If you feed a mouse many of the same foods and  ingredients we are currently consuming, the mouse gets really fat and really sick.

FatMouse Diet will present the research and suggest ways you can implement the new science in your life to improve your health. As always, the choice to use it or not is yours. The results from people who implement these simple changes in their lives are, in some cases, just short of miraculous. The changes are not drastic because they just don’t have to be.

After you look at the evidence you will see that every eating cult, from Veganism to Atkins, has valid points and those valid points, if viewed from a higher perspective, could be combined and result in a broader acceptance and focus on better nutrition.

FatMouse Diet started off with the purpose of alerting everyone to the dangers of eating too much fructose because of the health problems it causes and what we can do to reverse the insulin resistance it causes. The amount of scientific studies pointing out all the different ways it is harmful is enormous and rock solid.

Reading the studies opened our eyes to an amazing world of current science about human nutrition that we did not even know existed. Things like…

  •  Foods have both direct and indirect effects on our bodies
  • Our taste buds have been conditioned to prefer cheap, highly-flavored, ingredients
  • Many of the ingredients now found in our foods are known to be harmful to our health
  • There are foods that can help our bodies repair the damages.

Another amazing discovery is that for every one of the ten trillion cells in our bodies, there are ten bacteria living in our gut and they are vitally important to our health. The foods we eat have a profound effect on their health which, in turn, has a profound effect on our health.

  • 80% of our immune system comes from the bacteria in our gut
  • If they get upset or out of balance, we get sick, anxious, or depressed
  • The foods we eat create the environment in our gut that will support either good bacteria or “bad” bacteria
  • The bad bacteria, the ones that thrive on highly processed foods, cause the inflammation that    is the root cause of 70-80% of Diabetes Type 2, Heart Disease, Hypertension, and Obesity
  • The good bacteria will keep us healthier, thinner, and supplies us with more energy
  • There are delicious, nutritious foods we should eat to support our good bacteria
  • There are delicious, harmful food-like products we need to avoid for them.

What does FatMouseDiet suggest we do?

Simply put, Health problems caused by eating the wrong foods can be reversed by eating the right foods.

The first part of the life changing FatMouseDiet Program is “First, Do No Harm.” It contains almost everything that needs to be eliminated from your diet and will greatly improve your health if you do nothing else. If you would like to get a copy, please click here, “First, Do No Harm.”


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