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The Scariest Projection I Have Seen!

This is What FatMouseDiet is all About

Of all the scary statistics I have seen since starting, this one wins the prize.

Projected Prevalence of Obesity

obesity projections

According to the author, The forecast calls for fatness.

Dr. Youfa Wang of the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health in Baltimore says if current overweight and obesity trends continue, 86 percent of Americans could be overweight or obese by the year 2030. And…”By 2048, all American adults would become overweight or obese.”  To read the complete study from author Dr. Youfa Wang, click here.

The increase in obesity and its attending ill health has to be the result of what we eat, more specifically, the ingredients in our foods. Theincrease in consumption of two ingredients, added sugars and chemically altered vegetable oils, parallels the increases.


The above graph from needs a tiny bit of clarification. The USDA Fact Book, Chapter 2 points out “that average daily calorie intake increased by 24.5 percent, or about 530 calories, between 1970 and 2000,” from 2,170 per day to “just under 2,700 calories per person per day.”

The Fact Book goes on to say, “Of that 24.5-percent increase, the following accounted for the increase…

  1. grains (mainly refined grain products) 9.5 percentage points;
  2. added sugars, 4.7 percentage points;
  3. added fats and oils, 9.0 percentage points;
  4. fruits and vegetables together, 1.5 percentage points;
  5. meats and nuts together, 1 percentage point;
  6. dairy products and eggs together, -1.5 percentage point.

I am going to jump way out here on a limb and suggest the “mainly refined grain products” in government speak translates to the following..

The “grains (mainly refined grain products)” actually refers to High Fructose Corn Syrup.

Added “fats and oils” refer to solvent extracted hydrogenated or “interesterified” omega-6 oils from plants that have been shown to be harmful. All the added fats and oils are plant based.

Adding it all up, 95% of the increase in calorie intake from 1970 to 2000 comes from the addition of artificial, harmful, food-like products that have no nutritional value but add 530 calories a day to our consumption.

The Cooks Den website has one of the most informative pages showing what has happened to our calorie intake and the changes in the food industry since 1970, Calories in the USA: An Interactive Overview.

It is obvious that cheaper and actually harmful ingredients have replaced nutritious ones in our foods. That all the parties complicit in the demise of America’s health will be victims of their own poisons will not alleviate any of the suffering they cause.

The only solution is for each of us to make a conscious choice to purchase ONLY quality foods and share what we know with anyone who will stand still long enough to listen.

Our Mission is to provide information about fructose and other ingredients, added to our foods and the dangers they pose to our health. Based on current scientific research, there are a lot of very easy things we each can do to avoid them and reverse the damage they have done.