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The Ingredient Pyramid

When we hear our nutrition experts or governmental officials tell us we need to eat a balanced diet we need to ask them, “How can we?” Of course they point to the current governmental effort, Chose My Plate as though it has some relationship to the quality and safety of food products they allow to be sold in stores.

There are numerous additives in our foods that are not permitted in European foods because science has shown them to be harmful. On the Whole Foods website is a page for suppliers. Here is the link to Whole Foods Market’s page listing Unacceptable Ingredients for Food.

The food history in the US is littered with ingredients and chemical additives that have been banned because of their toxic effects and the health problems they caused, such as trans-fats.  

Almost all of the bans came about, not because the FDA, USDA, or the food industry implemented them, but because private researchers brought the toxicity to the public awareness and the public eventually demanded their removal or simply quit purchasing products that contained them.

Most of the processed food products have little in them that is nutritious. If we read the labels on the food like products, they contain a little food and a lot of additives and more closely resemble the “Ingredient Pyramid” below. Our school children cannot even choose to eat healthy foods because the “nutritionists” must abide by USDA and FDA rules that support the pyramid.


Should we even be amazed that the food like products available to us with huge number of harmful additives are the cause of 70%-80% of our health problems?

We can only make a difference, first in our own lives and in the lives of our children by reading the labels and buying only foods and food products that are healthy. When the opportunity arises, we are not shy about telling the managers in our grocery stores we appreciate them carrying more organic foods or requesting certain items they don’t carry.

A word of caution: Just because the product is “organic” does not mean it is automatically healthy. Organic Granolas for instance often are made with the second most common ingredient being “organic” sugar of some variety. I looked at a Raspberry Jam, 100% organic and to my amazement the first ingredient was organic sugar.

So become informed, read the labels, and choose the best foods you can.

What Exactly is Food: A Healthy Perspective

When it comes to food, we obviously need to start from scratch to develop a very different concept and understanding of what food actually is, and which foods we should eat.

Our current perspective about the food we eat can be summed up in a single word, taste. If it tastes good we eat it in huge quantities without even thinking about what ingredients or chemicals it contains or if it is good for us or harmful. We eat what our taste buds have been conditioned to like and without a good reason, we sure aren’t  interested in changing our tastes.

We don’t even have a workable concept about what a food actually is let alone what good foods are. You might be saying “well there are vegetables and fruits, but yuck, who wants to eat them?” Do you know why they are good for you?

“Food,” refers to something we can eat and digest that nourishes our body. A food can be eaten all by itself without additives and will provide nutrients our bodies need. So anything that does not nourish our body is not actually a food.

Next are “additives,” which are things we can add to a food to change its flavor, texture, or even its shelf life.

There are healthy Additives we can use that can do the most marvelous things imaginable to foods. It is truly amazing what different cultures create beginning with the same grains, fruits, vegetables, or meats. Different seasonings, spices, and cooking techniques can take the same basic foods and end up with an infinite menu of delicious and healthy dishes.

There are many additives in our foods that science has shown are harmful to our health and have no nutritional value. One non food additive alone is implicated as the major cause of most ill health in America, yet the government continues to allow it to be added to our foods.

Most of the major health problems facing us today are not even diseases. They are chronic conditions such as high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity, type 2 diabetes, and Alzheimer’s disease. These chronic conditions have a common cause. What the medical profession treats is not that cause, it’s the symptoms.

Health is our normal state. Having said that, our health is depends on us to be informed and proactive. Illness is the result of choosing products that may or may not contain food but are highly flavored and cheap. Health is a choice. Making healthy choices is about the most important thing we can do.

If we are ill and the illness is not due to an actual physical injury or an infection, logic says it is the result of something we are either doing to our bodies, or something we are not doing to our bodies.

FatMouseDiet is our understanding of the things current scientific evidence says we can do to restore our bodies to a healthy nutritional state. The things we can do are very simple and can open our taste buds to a world of delicious healthy alternatives that actually nourish our bodies and maintain our health. FatMouseDiet takes the following things to be true:

Our taste buds are conditioned to cheap, highly-flavored, ingredients.

There are many additives in our foods that are known to damage our health

There are real, whole foods that can help our bodies repair the damages.

For each of the ten trillion cells in our body we have ten bacteria in our gut

Those 100 Trillion bacteria in our gut are vitally important to our health

If they get upset or out of balance we get sick

What we eat has a profound effect on their health and on ours

There are delicious, nutritious foods we should eat for them

There are delicious, harmful food-like products we need to avoid for them.

What is the message from the FatMouseDiet folks?

Starting with foods we need to avoid, both for us and our tiny bacterial friends, will yield the biggest immediate boost in our health.

In the last 25 years almost all Americans have developed varying levels of insulin resistance and we weigh about 25 pounds more than we did then. Even if we are not obese, or even overweight, our insulin resistance has increased. Insulin resistance has even been shown to occur in the unborn babies of obese mothers.

Current science clearly points to one chemical compound that has been added to almost all the foods we eat every day as being the primary cause. This one single compound in our food is responsible for 70%-80% of the chronic ill health conditions in our country and now also in the countries where this “ingredient” has been exported in the Great American Fast Food Wave.

This compound is fructose sugar, found in sucrose, regular table sugar, crystalline fructose, and high fructose corn syrup.  High Fructose intake is the cause of the huge increase in high blood pressure, type 2 Diabetes, heart disease, obesity, (the Metabolic Syndrome), gout, and some types of cancers.

High Fructose Corn Syrup is not a food. It is additive which has been clearly and scientifically proven to be toxic, but is still allowed, and protected, by the FDA, USDA, and the food industry.

The coca cola folks have spent a hundred of millions of dollars on lobbying to buy governmental protection and billions on ads to convince us that “High fructose corn syrup is no more harmful than table sugar.” That single statement is actually correct. Table sugar is 50% glucose and 50% fructose. High fructose corn syrup is 50% glucose and 50% fructose, so they are the same, both equally bad. Fructose made from corn is cheaper, sweeter, and in the long term, lethal to us but very profitable to them.

Fructose has both direct and indirect effects on our health. Fructose is metabolized by our liver, just like alcohol. We just don’t get a buzz from it. Fructose does the same damage to our liver as alcohol and parents should think about that before giving their children coke, juices, or candies that contain HFCS. It’s the same as giving them a can of beer.

Fructose also changes the environment for our tiny friends and supports the growth of bacteria that create toxic compounds. Current work is leaning toward the toxins from these bacteria as being the actual cause of insulin resistance and heart disease. These toxin producing bacteria are only there in huge numbers because of the additional sugar and highly refined processed ingredients.  They cannot survive in the environment created by eating good foods.

To regain our health and to maintain it, we must first eliminate added fructose from our diet, restore our insulin sensitivity and then, over a period of time, explore the world of nutritious foods and learn to purchase or prepare delicious foods that help us reach that goal.

Milk Producers Petition FDA to HIDE Artificial Sweeteners in Dairy Products

The food history in the US is littered with ingredients and additives that have been banned because of their toxic effects. Almost all of the bans came about, not because the FDA, USDA, or the food industry implemented them, but because private researchers brought the toxicity to the public awareness and the public demanded they be removed. Here’s one that borders on criminal

The “food” industry is responsible for most of the ill health in this country. They really shouldn’t be called a food industry anymore because most of what is produced is not a food, but a mixture of cheap, highly flavored food-like products.

The Milk Producers have petitioned the FDA to allow them to HIDE artificial sweeteners in 17 different kinds of milk products. It is unbelievable that this can be allowed to happen, especially since the junk they will add to the products will be fed primarily to our children and our grandchildren.

Our children are the first generation in history that will live shorter lives than we will, and it is because of the harmful ingredients in our foods. For instance, we each eat an average of 48 pounds of fructose that is hidden in our food each year. Fructose is the cause of high blood pressure, obesity, heart disease, diabetes type 2, and Alzheimer’s.

Please read the summary of the petition and then contact your Legislators immediately to demand this petition be denied, if not for your sake, do it for your children and your grandchildren.