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Milk Producers Petition FDA to HIDE Artificial Sweeteners in Dairy Products

The food history in the US is littered with ingredients and additives that have been banned because of their toxic effects. Almost all of the bans came about, not because the FDA, USDA, or the food industry implemented them, but because private researchers brought the toxicity to the public awareness and the public demanded they be removed. Here’s one that borders on criminal

The “food” industry is responsible for most of the ill health in this country. They really shouldn’t be called a food industry anymore because most of what is produced is not a food, but a mixture of cheap, highly flavored food-like products.

The Milk Producers have petitioned the FDA to allow them to HIDE artificial sweeteners in 17 different kinds of milk products. It is unbelievable that this can be allowed to happen, especially since the junk they will add to the products will be fed primarily to our children and our grandchildren.

Our children are the first generation in history that will live shorter lives than we will, and it is because of the harmful ingredients in our foods. For instance, we each eat an average of 48 pounds of fructose that is hidden in our food each year. Fructose is the cause of high blood pressure, obesity, heart disease, diabetes type 2, and Alzheimer’s.

Please read the summary of the petition and then contact your Legislators immediately to demand this petition be denied, if not for your sake, do it for your children and your grandchildren.