The Ingredient Pyramid

When we hear our nutrition experts or governmental officials tell us we need to eat a balanced diet we need to ask them, “How can we?” Of course they point to the current governmental effort, Chose My Plate as though it has some relationship to the quality and safety of food products they allow to be sold in stores.

There are numerous additives in our foods that are not permitted in European foods because science has shown them to be harmful. On the Whole Foods website is a page for suppliers. Here is the link to Whole Foods Market’s page listing Unacceptable Ingredients for Food.

The food history in the US is littered with ingredients and chemical additives that have been banned because of their toxic effects and the health problems they caused, such as trans-fats.  

Almost all of the bans came about, not because the FDA, USDA, or the food industry implemented them, but because private researchers brought the toxicity to the public awareness and the public eventually demanded their removal or simply quit purchasing products that contained them.

Most of the processed food products have little in them that is nutritious. If we read the labels on the food like products, they contain a little food and a lot of additives and more closely resemble the “Ingredient Pyramid” below. Our school children cannot even choose to eat healthy foods because the “nutritionists” must abide by USDA and FDA rules that support the pyramid.


Should we even be amazed that the food like products available to us with huge number of harmful additives are the cause of 70%-80% of our health problems?

We can only make a difference, first in our own lives and in the lives of our children by reading the labels and buying only foods and food products that are healthy. When the opportunity arises, we are not shy about telling the managers in our grocery stores we appreciate them carrying more organic foods or requesting certain items they don’t carry.

A word of caution: Just because the product is “organic” does not mean it is automatically healthy. Organic Granolas for instance often are made with the second most common ingredient being “organic” sugar of some variety. I looked at a Raspberry Jam, 100% organic and to my amazement the first ingredient was organic sugar.

So become informed, read the labels, and choose the best foods you can.

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