The Science

From the time we put something into our mouth until it leaves the other end, it is either nourishing our body or doing damage to it. Today’s foods contain an incredibly high level of damaging ingredients and distressingly low amounts of nutrients.

The level of current knowledge among the professionals we depend on for guidance is almost as distressingly low as the nutritional content of the foods they tell us we should be eating.

A lot is made of the number of people on the planet who starve to death, and it is deplorable, because it is preventable. What is even sadder is that for every one person who starved to death, there are 58 people who died because they ate too much. They ate too much of the wrong kinds of food like products and died from preventable and avoidable causes such as type 2 diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease.

FatMouseDiet will help you quickly get up to speed on what current science is saying about good foods, bad foods, and really ugly ones. For example, the best food in the world is breast milk. Do you know which food product most closely resembles it? Believe it or not, it is Lard. Not the hydrogenated junk in the store, but organic lard is healthier for you than canola, safflower, soy, or sunflower oils. The best plant based oils are cold pressed Olive Oil and Coconut oil.

For every one of the ten trillion cells in our body we have 10 bacteria in our gut. 99% of the DNA in our bodies is not even human. Those bacteria are what really determine our health, or our ill health. When we take care of them by eating healthy foods, they take care of us. Two new sections have recently been added to the index of studies, Gut Flora, and Polyphenols which focus on what our “tiny friends” need to be healthy so we can be too.

The world of food is amazing. There are so many different choices and flavors available in healthy food. The stuff you hear about how much more it costs to eat good food instead of junk is just that, junk. Potatoes are a lot cheaper than French fries for instance.

Here you will find up to date studies about what your body needs to be healthy. Leading edge science has a lot of exciting developments that can help us become really informed about what we should be eating and what we are currently putting in our mouths that should be put in the trash.

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